Today: Hump Day

Hey!  It’s Wednesday.  My one day with a group of students in the middle of the day.  I sleep late, and get to school with, get this seven minutes to spare!  I’m doing well!

Wednesday is kinder library day.  We only have 11 of them, they are a bright batch of kids and I enjoy the little ones. Today we read a book about a boy who couldn’t sit still.  I can relate well, since I have that same issue.  Most of these kids can sit still, so this was a story that was really about me!

After our story, we have a library skills lesson.  I like the lessons at this age, since we are still working with crayons.  I love to color, but I try to restrain myself from actually doing the lesson for, I mean, with them.  If I did, they would never get time to find their weekly library book.

I only get an hour a week with the kindergarteners, but it is an hour of fun I look forward to every week. I miss being in kindergarten myself.  I still remember my teacher.  Her name was Mrs. Stanley and she was full of energy and fun and joy.  I miss my daughter being in kindergarten. It was so fun…now, school is work for my daughter.  She is a very smart and driven child.  Her grades and work ethic are absolutely commendable. 

Again, I digress.  I think it is because I cannot sit still.  I have to be constantly moving and doing and talking and sharing my ideas.  I guess because a kindergartener’s mind isn’t cluttered with all the stuff that responsible adults have to keep in theirs.

Oh, to be in kindergarten again!


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