Hey! It’s Monday!

I had a very productive Monday.  This is unusual for me.  It’s a day that I tend to waste on a regular basis.  Today was an exception.

I work in a school.  Well, let me clarify that statement.  In reality, my job is a volunteer post, but I have turned it into a job.  That I pay my daughter’s tuition for the privilege of holding.  I am the self-titled Library Lady at her school.  This is a very small, Catholic school with only one class per grade.  Seven years ago, I asked the principal at the time if I could run the library.  He had no qualms and was actually secretly thrilled, since there was no money in the budget and he would have to use parent volunteers to keep it functioning in any capacity.

So, in my capacity as Library Lady, I was busy working this Monday before Thanksgiving.  Now, due to the fact that my little family now is down to one functioning automobile, I was sort stuck at work today.  My husband needed to go into his office, so he dropped our daughter and I off this morning, promising to pick up up at dismissal time.

I spent the morning cleaning up my storage shed and organizing withdrawn titles and miscellaneous donated books that I will be selling at a used book sale in February.  The proceeds from that sale will constitute my entire library budget for the year.  I anticipate pulling in about $40.00.  Also, I sorted out about 30 donated titles to be processed and added to the collection.

Having done that, I returned to my desk in the library.  I was joined by a kindergartener who had been “making poor choices” and therefore not in class.  He was to spend the remainder of the morning doing classwork in the library and go back to class after lunch.  So, while I processed a few books for check-out, I supervised my guest and offered some suggestions to help him do his work.  When I don’t have classes scheduled, the library is the place where the “miscreant” of the moment must wait out their time away from class.  Since we are a K-8 school, I get kids of all ages as visitors not by choice.  Today’s guest was very quiet.

Once my lunch of peanut butter sandwich and a coke was consumed, I shifted the picture books and pulled out the fairy tales that got mixed up with them.  I shuffled around the leveled reader titles to make the less frequently looked at more visible.  I actually shelved all the recently processed titles into their respective baskets by subject matter.

By this time…it was almost dismissal.  I looked around and realized that I actually accomplished a lot and it was all fun.  My library partner-in-crime, a retired sister from our school’s teaching order, will be shocked when she comes in tomorrow to teach the library skills lesson.

I had to do all that work.  I could have just sat and read all day, but idle hands are the devil’s something, and we all must work hard to avoid the snares of the devil!


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