Gratitude or Greed; which is it?

It is the night before the night before Thanksgiving.  I read a book to the second graders today with a similar title, but the holiday was Christmas. The gist of the story was that all the “to do” of the holiday is just too much. I must agree.

I used to really enjoy holidays.  I have noticed as I have gotten older I like them less.  It’s the commercialism of every holiday.  No one is even noticing the reason for the November holiday.  When I was a child, Thanksgiving was a much kinder, gentler event. I thought that the point  is to gather family and friends, enjoy some comfort food and some football. It is now all about the shopping, spending and the excesses of the modern world.

There are retailers that plan to start their “black Friday” sales on Thursday night!?  What’s the deal?  People can’t wait until the leftovers are cool to hit the mall?  My local news has a feature about how to “maximize” your time and money and get the “best deal” on your shopping trip.  Has anyone actually considered the people who are employed in retail?  I guess they aren’t supposed to have a Thanksgiving day to leisurely enjoy.  No…they have to go out and serve the spenders of the almighty American dollar.

Sadly, I don’t think that this is what Sarah Hale and President Lincoln intended for this holiday to become.  Sometimes progress is bad. And so is retail greed.  The latter is really become a problem in America.


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