Just another Tuesday night

Tuesdays are my busiest days of the week.  I have three groups of students in library, plus a two hour stint at the preschool inserted in the middle of the day.  I am usually tired on Tuesday nights. Yet, it is a good tired.  I always feel I accomplished something positive every Tuesday.

I really enjoyed my preschool time today.  I worked with the 3-4 year olds and we are practicing the alphabet and forming upper case and lower case letter.  There is one three year old boy is really good at these type of exercise.  I get so excited when they “get it” and even more excited when they continue to use their newly acquired skills.   It is a joy to see the growth in the students that I worked with all last year.  It is such a good feeling to me.  I can see the benefits of preschool in the students that come to the library.  I have found they are much more prepared for both the social and academic aspects of school.  Kids today are so pushed to learn fast and keep up with the curriculum that is presented and there really is not any margin for falling behind.

My group of third graders have discovered poetry.  It started when one boy just chose a poetry book and browsed through it.  In quiet reading time, he asked if he could read aloud some of the poems.  Now, being a book and literature lover, I said Yes, Of course?So he did a brief “reading” and now most of the poetry collection is checked out to the third grade.  I have notes on all the checkout cards as to which child gets which book when another child returns it. They are simply excited about this genre of literature.  I have suggested that when we complete our novel, that we continue our readings.  Or I may have the class vote to postpone the novel and start the poetry reading now.  As I see it, as long as their time is well spent, they should have a say in how it spent.  I think that the exposure to poetry is a very good use of instructional time.

I am tired this Tuesday night, but it is a good and satisfying tired.  I know I made a difference in my students today.  I am grateful that I am able to do that.

Thanks kids!


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