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Please pray for these families and the lost innocents. Thank you.

Robin Coyle

Today’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School as left me feeling legless.

Are you like me and want to help the families of the victims of today’s senseless shooting rampage, but don’t know what to do? I want to give each of them a hug, and while not a religious person, I want to say a prayer on bended knee with them.

Our friend, Paula Action, shared the school address with me. While far short from a comforting hug or shoulder to lean on, sending a card or letter expressing our sorrow, support, and condolences is at least something. The nation mourns alongside the community. Knowing that we do might help them a bit. As Paula suggested, writing a note would be a lovely thing to do with the family tonight. Excellent idea, Paula. Oh, and pass the word to your friends and family.

The school’s address is:


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Need vs. Want, that is the question.

A dear friend has the most recently released iPhone.  They appear quite complicated with their touch screens.  It rang (well, it actually played a song) and since my friend’s hands were wet, she asked me to silence it. I looked at this phone and I had not a clue how to answer since there were no visible buttons to actually push.  My phone still has visible buttons to push to answer or ignore the call (I always answer).  I just touched the screen and her husband’s name popped up as he said “hello.” My initial response was to jump.  I was surprised that my simple action of touching the screen would connect the call.  I awkwardly told my friend’s husband that she would be “right there.” 

 I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of options available just by touching the screen.  What if I had disconnected the call?  What if I had damaged the instrument in some way?  Part of me would love to have one and the other part of me is hesitant.  How much would my life be enriched by the having one of these gadgets?  Do I really need one?  Do I really need access to the internet on my phone? Do I need to have “an app” for that? Talk about advertising placement!  That phase has made its way into dictionaries! (well, a few lexicons, at least.)  Do I really need to update my Facebook page with “check-ins” at every place I go? Do all my FB friends need to know when I check in at the grocery store?  More importantly, do they care?  Sure, it would be cool and I’d be a “hip mom” according to my daughter, but I always come back to the question of need.

 Adding in to the justification for the need, is this something that I can really afford?  I often worry about paying the bill for the cell phone I already have! Do I really want to add to my worry and increase that bill for what may be a passing whim?  Some folks can always justify this part of the equation as want and need being the same thing.  However, I do not.  Not being a person with an endless supply of money to meet the costs of all my bills, let alone my whims; and my conscience always playing a role in all my purchases, I simply cannot fathom a need for a phone with a constant connection to the internet.  It would be nice, but it would also be nice to have a housekeeper, a chef and a person to drive me around, yet I don’t need them!  I am able to do all of the work those folks would do myself and just think of all the money I would be saving!  If I need to look up something on the internet, then I can wait until I get home.  Look at all the money I’d save!

I could also justify getting a new cell phone by thinking of it as boosting the economy.  That is something that is a plus, but would I really be helping the local economy or make some already rich shareholder richer?  I realize that this is a stretch, but it is an economic truth.  I did that two years when I actually upgraded to a better phone instrument.  It’s a perfectly good phone that is still in excellent condition.  I am far better at caring for phones than my husband.  He is the reason why cell carriers have insurance and actually make money on it.

After much thought (and household budget review), an new cell phone is out of the question.  I mean, I’m looking online for coupons for stuff I need, how do I think I can afford the luxury of this phone?  I don’t.  Maybe by the time I can afford one, the price will drop.  That is an economic reality.  Patience IS a virtue. 

December 7

It is Pearl Harbor Day.  On a Sunday morning, 71 years ago, the world changed forever.

It is also the reason why I am on this planet.  This event that took place 24 years before I was actually born, but it was the event which started a chain reaction that culminated in me.  But for Pearl Harbor,  my father would not have joined the United States Marine Corps.  In turn, after his stint in the war, he was sent to his last duty station in California.  There, he married his first wife, my older brothers were born and they later divorced.  In the meantime, my mother emigrated to the U.S. from Canada, following her parents who already immigrated the previous year, 1960, specifically. My parents met and not long afterward I arrived.

I could also point out that my mother’s involvement as in coming to California had as much of a role in my existence.  Well, it is true, since one needs both parties to exist, particularly since this was long before IVF.  However, I digress.  The reason my mother came to California from Canada was to follow her parents and younger siblings. The weather here was better for my grandfather’s health.  He had been a flier for the Royal Canadian Air Force and was badly injured during the war.  Same war, different theatre.  He needed to be in a warmer climate than the damp cold of Canadian winters. 

Given the addition of the latter scenario, I could also say that but for Germany invading Poland, I wouldn’t be here either.

Regardless of the reason(s) for my personal existence, I say “Thank you” to every single Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine who died on December 7, 1941.  Thank you for defending my country and my way of life.  And I wasn’t even a twinkle in my father’s eye yet.

Wanted: Focus

That’s my title and I want some.  Focus, that is.  I have been feeling unsettled and I’m not sure why I am in this current state.

In assessing my current faculties, I think that my thoughts and emotions are out of kilter due to some changes going on at home.  My husband is in transition with his work and money is very tight.  My daughter is in her last year at her present school and preparing to apply to a private high school.  I’m not sure if I will be able to continue in my current “job” next year. 

Now, add this to my already-in-progress-mid-life crisis, and I am really feeling out of sorts.  I suppose that I could factor in the beginning of menopause to this mix, just to round out the symptoms. To sum it up:  I’m feeling out of sorts.

Reviewing this self-diagnosis tells me that I need to really assess what is going on in my life and how do I treat the symptoms to heal my emotions and settle down.  Focus on eliminating or adjusting parts of my life that I can that create the feeling of being unsettled.  I suppose that “goal setting” or something similar would be part of this cure.

I guess I had better get busy.