Wanted: Focus

That’s my title and I want some.  Focus, that is.  I have been feeling unsettled and I’m not sure why I am in this current state.

In assessing my current faculties, I think that my thoughts and emotions are out of kilter due to some changes going on at home.  My husband is in transition with his work and money is very tight.  My daughter is in her last year at her present school and preparing to apply to a private high school.  I’m not sure if I will be able to continue in my current “job” next year. 

Now, add this to my already-in-progress-mid-life crisis, and I am really feeling out of sorts.  I suppose that I could factor in the beginning of menopause to this mix, just to round out the symptoms. To sum it up:  I’m feeling out of sorts.

Reviewing this self-diagnosis tells me that I need to really assess what is going on in my life and how do I treat the symptoms to heal my emotions and settle down.  Focus on eliminating or adjusting parts of my life that I can that create the feeling of being unsettled.  I suppose that “goal setting” or something similar would be part of this cure.

I guess I had better get busy. 




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